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Todd Henry

Hi! My name is Todd. For the last few years, I've been working as a Creative Director for a

start-up that brings technology tools to local governments and small local businesses.

As a designer, I like to educate and simplify ideas to make a positive memorable experience. Please check out some of my recent work!

A little more about me.

I graduated From Ohio University with a double major in 2009. 

Bachelor of Science

 Video Production, Animation, Special Effects

Scripps College of Communication

Bachelor of Science



Scripps College of Communication


After College, I moved to Alaska and got agency experience as a

Video Editor with Spawn Media







From there, a full-time job with the Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium. An incredibly diverse and statewide healthcare organization.

As a Visual/UX Designer, I got to create media across many media platforms.

I developed and created visual design solutions from concept to completion both digital and print campaigns, publications, and events. Using graphics and other media to educate and improve overall user experience.


I filmed and edited video for electronic media production and for video streaming. I managed the hospital educational television channel.


I planned and executed photo shoots, edited- including touch-up and image masking to create culturally impactful, targeted media assets.


I collaborated & developed a new branding style guide, including prototyping and designing a new website.

ANTHC Logo White WhiteBG.png

I got a remote Instructional Designer position with Udacity in 2016.

Created engaging learning activities and compelling course content.

Worked with subject matter experts and identify target audience’s training needs.

State instructional end goals and create content that matched them.


In 2017, my brother and I launched Henry Media Co. where we have been a valuable one-stop-shop marketing and branding agency for small businesses.  

This experience of entrepreneurship and product design inspired us to start

Keep It Indie. An app that gives modern technology tools to small local businesses.

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