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Town Market

Making local, unique businesses the easiest and most affordable way to eat and shop


Fintech, Local Business, Restaurants


Mom & Pop restaurants and those who seek them out, struggle to compete with larger franchises.

Todd's Role

Product Strategy, User Experience Design, Brand Design 

Understanding the Problem

Town Market arose from a profound understanding of the challenges that local, unique businesses face in reaching their potential customers effectively. These problems, deeply embedded in the fabric of current commerce, became evident through meticulous research and analysis:

  • Discoverability: Existing platforms fail to highlight local businesses effectively, with only a small fraction receiving attention.

  • Convenience: Despite a strong desire to support local establishments, patrons often opt for online shopping due to convenience issues.

  • Affordability: Financial constraints contribute significantly to the failure of new businesses, affecting their sustainability in the long run.

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The Product Vision

Town Market envisions a robust solution, aiming to bridge the gap between local businesses and consumers by creating a symbiotic ecosystem:

  • Dual Apps: Town Market's two interconnected apps, Business and Customer, serve as a catalyst for amplifying independent businesses, enhancing convenience, and fostering community engagement.

  • Empowering Local Businesses: The platform eliminates credit card fees, significantly reducing costs, while simultaneously providing revenue channels through in-app advertising and premium features.

  • Enhancing User Experience: Town Market provides seamless in-person and order-ahead functionalities, fostering a rewarding and convenient experience for consumers.

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Customer Journeys

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Designing the MVP

The Minimum Viable Product (MVP) embodies the core functionalities vital for Town Market's success:

  • Strategic Piloting: Successfully piloted in Chagrin Falls, Ohio, garnering 1,300 users in the initial 4 months within a town of 4,000.

  • Technology Integration: Seamless integration with existing Point of Sale (POS) systems, reducing processing fees, and enabling order-ahead capabilities.

  • Enhanced Customer Engagement: Map-based discovery, advance ordering, in-person payments, and universal reward systems for customers.

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Developing the Dream

Town Market strives to create a win-win scenario for both businesses and consumers:

  • For Businesses: Integration with POS systems, cost-saving opportunities by eliminating credit card fees, and revenue generation through in-app advertising and premium features.

  • For Consumers: Enhanced user experience with map-based discovery, convenient ordering, universal rewards, and exclusive promotions tailored to their local community.

The platform stands as a testament to facilitating symbiotic growth, making it effortless for local businesses to thrive while offering consumers a convenient and rewarding shopping experience.

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